Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. The terminology used in these terms & conditions are defined as follows, unless specifically indicated otherwise:
Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor:  the party establishing these terms and conditions.
Customer: the party, an individual person, who enters into a purchase agreement.
The terms & conditions shown below apply to all special offers and purchase agreements between Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor and the customer, for which Kunstaaswinkel.nl has declared that these conditions shall apply, unless alternative conditions have been agreed upon explicitely and in writing.
2.  The terms and conditions also apply to purchase agreements made with Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor, in which third parties are involved for their fulfillment.
3.  Any exception to these terms and conditions shall only be valid if they are explicitely agreed upon in writing.
4.  The prices listed are internet prices, upon which no claims can be made.

About the products:

The products offered on our site are shown as close to reality as possible, and are as described by Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor. Terms and conditions applying to each sale are clearly explained on the website. Customers agree to these terms and conditions when making a purchase.

About the order:

Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor will make delivery only after having received payment. Regardless which method of payment is used by the customer, Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor retains the right not to ship an order or to ship an order at a later time.

About returning an order:
A special 7-day trial period applies to all purchases. If a customer decides to return the product, he/she is free to do this within 7 days of having received the product. Conditions applying to returning the product are that the product be undamaged, unused and in its original packaging. If these conditions are met, the customer will be refunded. Shipping costs will be charged. The customer will receive their refund on their bank account within 14 days.

About deliveries:

Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor will allways try to deliver orders as rapidly as possible. If an order is delayed because a product is temporarily out of stock or for any other reason, or if an order cannot be completed, Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor will contact the customer. If Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor has indicated a delivery time, this is approximate. Delivery times will not be delayed with more than a week, unless there are circumstances beyond Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor’s control. If delivery does not take place as agreed with Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor, the customer must make reclamation in writing. Deliveries are carried by DPD or TPG. Shipping costs are charged to the customer; the prices are indicated on the website.

About shipping:

Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor is responsible for any damage to or loss of a product during shipment to the customer. After the customer has received a product, responsibility for damage or loss is transferred to the customer. In the event of loss of one or more products, customers are requested to cooperate fully in the investigation. If a customer does not provide this cooperation, Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor claimes the right to charge the costs of the lost product(s) to the customer.

About guarantee:

Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor guarantees that our products are sound and satisfactory, as specified on the website. The date on the bill counts as the starting date for the guarantee period.

Any product that appears to be defective within the guarantee period of one month after purchase, even though it has been used properly, will be replaced by Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor free of charge. Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor has the right to decide to refund the customer instead of replacing the product.

If the producer of the product has further conditions concerning the guarantee, Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor will honour these conditions.

In case of visible damage or defect of the product, the customer must return the article at Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor’s cost within the 7-day trial period.

In case of damage not visible at first sight, the customer must return the product within the official guarantee period of one month. The product must be sent back with a written description of the defect. If the customer does not specify in writing whether he/she would like a replacement or a refund, Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor has the right to decide if the product will be replaced or refunded.

Concerning products that are sent back by the customer at their own initiative, Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor is not responsible for damage to the product during transport. Shipping costs are also at customer’s own cost.

Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur to customers or third parties with Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor products, unless is proven that the accident has occured because of serious negligence on the part of Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor. Costs or damage incurred by the customer or third parties, as a result of a defective product, cannot be refunded or replaced by Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor, unless it is proven that the damage or costs were caused by serious negligence on the part of Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor.

About refunds:

Payments made for products that are returned within the trial period of 7 days, or advanced payments made by customers, will, based on the terms and conditions of Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor, be refunded if a purchase is cancelled.

About privacy:

When placing an order, a customer’s contact information will be stored in Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor’s database. Customers may request in writing to view their contact information. It is also possible for customers to change their contact information. These changes will be made in the database, unless they are proven to be wrong or untrue. Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor will under no circumstances share customer information with third parties, therefore securing customers privacy.

Further specifications:

Rix Anglingshop & Outdoor cannot be held responsible for errors on the website nor in other advertisments. When placing an order customers automatically agree to the terms and conditions stated above.